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Meet Daniette!

Daniette is a busy teacher, mom, and overall rockstar. Amidst the craziness of being a teacher during COVID, Daniette has been committed…

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Meet Julie!

Julie is an amazing human being. Here is her story . “Over the last few years, I have suffered from depression and…

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Work on THIS for Optimum Performance

Setting big and small goals is important for us. We need something to strive for. Keeping us motivated and on track to…

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Shovelling Snow & Back Pain

Tis the season to pick up your trusty shovel and head out into the great winter wonderland to move some snow. With…

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Exercise, Nutrition, and Viral Infections – What You Need to Know

If you’ve been wondering what to believe about exercise, nutrition, and your own immunity, we would like to clarify all the confusion…

Member Story Corey Stuber

Meet Corey Stuber

We have been lucky enough to have Corey at GPHF for almost 2 years now. From day one, he has been committed…

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What Can a Good Night’s Sleep Do For You?

Why is sleep so important? Sleep is a hot topic in the health and fitness world these days and for good reason….

New blog what are your cleaning protocols What we are doing to keep our members safe

What are we doing to keep you safe and healthy?

At GPHF we want to provide you with a safe and healthy place to workout, see your friends, and reach your goals….


Why Everyone Needs a Coach

Greater Purpose Health and Fitness is a coaching facility. Our coaches are guides who seek to help clients meet the goals they…

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Our Coaching Services

At Greater Purpose Health and Fitness, we offer coaching excellence in fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Our mission is to help you become…