Member Story Corey Stuber

Meet Corey Stuber

We have been lucky enough to have Corey at GPHF for almost 2 years now. From day one, he has been committed to becoming the healthiest version of himself. He is an absolute inspiration, and such a phenomenal example of what hard work and dedication can do.

Here is his experience with being a member at Greater Purpose Health and Fitness, and having his own nutrition coach.

We all know what healthy foods we should be eating, but it’s often the planning of how we should be eating these foods where we struggle. I learned what a healthy plate look like and my coach gave me the fundamental tools to start having healthier eating habits. Having a nutrition coach means you have someone that wants you to win know matter what. They are with you on your bad days and good days. They understand that we’re human and we aren’t perfect. They want everyone in life to succeed no matter what. I had been eating healthy for the last 4 years. I knew what things to eat, however I need someone to help me execute a better plan in order to reach my goals. I was tracking my macros for three months but learned that I wasn’t even coming close to my protein intake. I knew I needed help with that. One of the best things was the feeling of staying fuller longer and having more energy for my workouts. 

I am excited that now I have more tools in my healthy life style toolbox, and I am looking forward to seeing what my new found knowledge of nutrition is going do with my goals in life.  I 100% recommended this to anyone that doesn’t know where to start or some that has started and need help to fine tuning there healthy habits.

Commitment, dedication, and consistency. If you’re still looking for the magic pill, these are them!

If you’re ready to make change, commit to better overall health, and be an absolute rock star like Corey, we are ready to help you! Click the button below to get started today.

Member Story Corey Stuber