Why Everyone Needs a Coach

Greater Purpose Health and Fitness is a coaching facility. Our coaches are guides who seek to help clients meet the goals they have set out for themselves. There are hundreds of thousands of gyms across the world, more workout programs than you can count on 300 hands, and we seemingly find the next “best routine/diet” every day. Why aren’t more people healthy and fit? A Google search of “Free workout plans” yields 957,000,000 results. If gyms and workout programs are this accessible, why does our society struggle with chronic issues that are often preventable through diet and exercise? This is where the guidance of a coach becomes essential; individuals need a guide for the confusing world of health and fitness.

A coach cares not only about helping you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, they also provide the tools needed to navigate your surroundings on your own. A good coach understands your body and the nutrition and programming that works for your individual needs. Our coaches also understand that everyone has a different personality and needs to be guided differently. The relationship between a coach’s knowledge and the client’s results relies on the coaches’ ability to relate to their client effectively. A good coach doesn’t try to impress anyone with what they know. Instead, they speak and act in a way that will have their client’s best interests in mind: health, fitness, and happiness. 

At Greater Purpose Health and Fitness, we desire to be a high-quality coaching service for you. Why are we doing this? Because there must be something missing if you can Google 957,000,000 free workout programs and 939,000,000 free nutrition plans, yet we still have an epidemic of chronic disease in the world. At GPHF, we value coaching so highly that we have nutrition, mindset, and fitness coaches for ourselves. We understand the importance of having an outside, unbiased perspective. The magic isn’t in the programming or diet. Rather, it comes from having your own personal coach. If you don’t have one, get one today. 

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