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Meet Daniette!

Daniette is a busy teacher, mom, and overall rockstar.

Amidst the craziness of being a teacher during COVID, Daniette has been committed to making healthy change in her own life, and it sure has paid off!

Daniette took our 90 day challenge, and has had an incredible outcome. It is amazing what hard work and consistency will do. Every. Single. Time! By focusing on her nutrition, and being consistent with her workouts, Daniette has engrained so many awesome healthy habits, and is reaping the reward. Here is what she had to say.

“Every habit we worked on provided me with a better understanding of what healthy eating looks like. The resources were easy to read and the additional support from my nutrition coach allowed me to be successful in reaching my goals. My bright spots include meal planning with my husband and trying new vegetables and methods of cooking those vegetables.”

Keep up the awesome work, Daniette! Looking forward to watching you continue to progress and work towards being the healthiest possible version of YOU!

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