Lockdown Fitness Positive Decisions

Lockdown Fitness


Our whole day is a list of decisions made one right after the other.

“Should I workout today?”

“Should I just watch Netflix?.”

“Should I skip breakfast or wake up earlier to make breakfast?”

“Should I have that 4th cup of coffee, or drink some water?”

You have so many decisions to make in your life. When you are locked down at home and unable to maintain your fitness routine at an external location, that decision to workout can become much more difficult. That is why it is essential to find yourself someone to be accountable to you. 

Enter, a coach!!

You can research free workouts from morning to night. There is no limit to cheap, if not free workouts floating around the internet. So we can easily figure out that it isn’t the decision of finding the best exercise program, but rather the best person to keep us accountable to it. That’s why your return on investment will always be much higher when hiring your own coach compared to going alone. 

During our first lockdown, which lasted three months, we not only saw people maintain their fitness but excel, and come out fitter on the other side. Each and everyday they had someone they were accountable to. A coach that helped them make the decision between taking a day off or doing some exercises to get their sweat on. Don’t underestimate the benefits of hiring a coach in multiple aspects of your life. 

Our coaches also hire our own coaches in fitness, nutrition, and mindset, even though we are experts in these categories. This is why it isn’t about finding the right program, but the right set of coaches to keep you on track with a program.

Being that each day is an accumulation of decisions and habits, you should find someone to help you make the right ones in terms of your health and fitness. What you do with your day is up to you. You can use this lockdown as an opportunity to become healthier, fitter, and happier. Your health is an investment. Invest in a group of coaches that want to not only see you make it through this but come out better on the other side.

Book a free health & fitness consultation and we can come up with a plan together to make sure you reach the results you are aiming for. We specialize in Fitness Nutrition and Mindset. We will chat virtually and come up with the best combination of services based on your individual goals.

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