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Shovelling Snow & Back Pain

Tis the season to pick up your trusty shovel and head out into the great winter wonderland to move some snow. With this comes a good workout but also… If you’re not prepared… back pain. We want to give you a tip that can help you prevent the 2 week layup due to your back acting up from shovelling that heavy white stuff.

Build More Capacity or Decrease Your Load

There is a concept we like to educate our members on at Greater Purpose H&F called 

Load vs. Capacity

To make it a simple idea for the purposes of this article, think of an empty cup. Every ounce of water put into this cup would be considered your “load.”

Your “capacity” is the volume of water that the cup is able to hold.

Water in this example can be defined as a stressful conversation, an old injury, poor sleep, poor diet, immobility, lack of strength, or unbalanced strength. Just to name a few. The closer you get to the top of that cup with the water, the closer you get to “pain” or “injury”. 

This tells us that the moment you hurt your back shovelling, is likely a lot more than just that moment. It may simply be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Pun intended.

Now take this analogy and apply it in your everyday life. Either you need to increase your capacity – get stronger, eat better, and recover better – or you need to decrease your load. 

Now, it’s almost December, and we know that snow isn’t going to stop falling. So we suggest you increase your capacity. We would love to help you. Book a free meeting with us and one of our expert coaches will be happy to help you increase your capacity.