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You Can’t See It Yet…

When our fitness slowly slips away, we can see it. Our breath gets heavier with less activity, we start seeing some more body fat accumulating, and certain movements feel harder than they used to. We can see it happening.

Unlike our fitness, we can’t see the slow digression of your mental, relational, and or spiritual health.

You cannot see or feel your mindset fitness/health digressing as easily. It seems as if one day you woke up and felt this way. It happens ever so slowly. Like a slow poison. We all want to feel happy, healthy, and fit in all aspects of our life. No one intentionally wants to feel mentally drained. For their relationships to suffer, and we could all use a stronger faith. So what do we do?

Prioritize it now. None of this  is meant to instill fear in you. I have studied human behavior and physiology for a long time now. As well as the connection between both. One major observation for me is that a majority of us are very reactive in nature. I would even say as a society this is more or less true. We like to try to fix it once it’s an issue. Rather than actually prioritizing it in small chunks of our day. All that to say, we at GPHF care about your holistic health and fitness. 

What do you do? Start today. Our health & fitness flywheel lists out what we have observed and believe to be the important aspects for your health. Mindset – Fitness – Faith – Connection – Purpose – Nutrition. Start in one of these today. Faith, mindset, connection, and purpose are harder to see. The categories that don’t usually present themselves as a thing in your life until it’s a chronic issue. 

We would love to help you. We just recently launched our Greater Purpose Mindset Course. It helps you prioritize your mental health before it prioritizes you. 

Having a hard time scheduling all these different important things in your life? We can also help you with that. Head over to this link to book your free Time Coaching consultation.

Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This can go for the good things and that slow poison as well. You deserve to feel happy. Invest in yourself.