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Our Mission

Our Mission = Holistic health and fitness

What does this mean? Can improving your physical fitness and health directly affect your mental health? Yes, along with a whole spectrum of areas of our lives that require us to be healthy individuals. It also works vice versa. If we are physically unhealthy, it impacts other areas of our lives. We are not one-dimensional humans and need to integrate this principle into how we care for ourselves.


At Greater Purpose Health and Fitness, our mission is to help people become more holistically fit and healthy. We aim to achieve this goal through several factors;

Find and use the best modalities to achieve your goals

“Modalities” refers to CrossFit, Movement Resolution, habit-based nutrition, olympic lifting, gymnastics, etc. 

Create services that help you reach your goals

We will continue to refine our current services and add new ones if it is deemed necessary to best serve our members. At present, our services include group class, personal training, Movement Resolution, kids class, teens class, online training, athletic training, and much more. This is just the beginning. 


We aim to surround ourselves with people who know what we don’t. We are working on creating a large circle of expert coaches. Your health and fitness is our number one priority. That is why we will invest in experts and continue to build our circle of people that know what we don’t know. If we can’t find them, we will educate ourselves in that area.


We are not a gym. We are a coaching facility. Coaching is the bridge between you and your holistic fitness success, whether that is fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, mental health coaching, or pain management coaching. We will seek out and strive to be the best coaches for you.

We are principle-based

This means we don’t spend time arguing what the best modalities are. Instead, we focus on principles that can be tied to all aspects of your fitness. Once we understand this, we guide you to the modalities that will help you. 


We will encompass and build a meaningful culture of encouragement, growth, impactful relationships, and an optimistic atmosphere.

Investing in Ourselves

A big part of our mission is being committed to continuing to educate ourselves and become better for you. We will not tolerate complacency or thinking we know everything we need to know. We practice a “beginner’s brain.” Childlike curiosity spurs us on to look for different ways to help you..

We care

We will not lose sight of you as a person. It is fantastic to set personal records or reach goals set out for you and we will help you do that. Yet, what is more important to us is that we ask how your day was or celebrate when you reach a milestone outside the gym. Additionally, we want to be there when you struggle. That is what the word “COACH” on the back of our shirts means to us. 

We can not coach individual components of someone and expect a happy, fit, and healthy person as a byproduct. We aim to prioritize your holistic health and fitness. We will strive to do this every day, whether that is online or in person.

Sound good?

 If our mission sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please book a free phone call or in-person meeting. We want to help you become healthier, fitter, and happier.