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Exciting News!

Despite the struggle of COVID 19, the last few months have given us an opportunity to finalize a project that we have been working on since the day Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition started. So, we have some exciting news to share this news with you! 

A little background first…

In 2014, Deanna and Matt started training a small number of Camrosians in a 400 square foot garage, with minimal equipment, no marketing, no advertising, and no idea the amazing journey they embarked on. The capacity of each class was 4 people, maybe 6 if they got creative. As the popularity of their training grew, their vision for what the gym should look like began to grow and take shape. And so, in 2014 the first official CrossFit Affiliate gym in Camrose was born, and Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition was created. As time moved on, the garage was outgrown. A couple of new brick and mortar spots were added so that the different services and larger membership of Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition could be accommodated. Soon, Greater Purpose Nutrition, Greater Purpose Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit Kids/Teens, and Movement Resolution were born. These services helped add to the holistic approach to health that Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition so firmly believes in. Along the way, we also saw the need to incorporate a Masters’s class, Momstrong, Bootcamp, school training, and team training.

We are currently known widely as Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition – a place to find community, support, health, wellness, and a good sweat! Throughout the years we have seen over and over the amazing results that our classes, nutrition, and personalized coaching have produced. This is because of you, our incredible members. We are committed to always being there for you in those ways. We will continue to cheer you on through every burpee, thruster, and squat that you do.

In our opinion, the CrossFit method of training (constantly varied, functional movement, at a high intensity) paired with nutrition is the most effective methodology to get people fit, healthy, and strong. At the same time, it’s fighting to make a dent in the chronic disease epidemic. However, we also recognize that chronic pain, injury prevention, rehab, and mental health, are other important aspects. We don’t overlook those.

That is why we have created a parent company to house all these amazing services.

 Greater Purpose Health and Fitness 

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This umbrella name will be home to Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition, Greater Purpose Nutrition, Movement Resolution, Greater Purpose Strength & Conditioning, Greater Purpose Masters, CrossFit Kids & Teens, Bootcamp, Greater Purpose Online Training, and so much more (we promise this time it won’t take a pandemic for us to get them up and rolling).

Our goal has always been to take a holistic approach to our member’s health, and that won’t ever change. We continue to strive daily to help you become holistically healthy and fit. Greater Purpose Health and Fitness will simply widen the impact we are able to have on people, even outside the city limits of Camrose. 

So what does this exciting news mean for you? 


Absolutely nothing (except we might get some new apparel). You will continue to get the same classes and online coaching as before! Thank you for continuing to be a part of our journey, and for trusting us to be a part of yours. Now, LET’S DO THIS! 

Signing off, your GPHF Team!