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Who Are We?

We are more than just a gym

We are a coaching facility that believes in taking a holistic approach to health and fitness. This means that we believe in prioritizing the whole person and not just segments of a person’s health. We know that real, meaningful change takes time and consistency. Meaning, we will work alongside you to help guide you towards the best methodologies that will bring you to your goals. We also pride ourselves on being expert coaches who have a holistic approach to your fitness. Therefore, we understand that your health is about more than just the “perfect” workout program. 

We are about more than just a number

At Greater Purpose Health and Fitness, we know that health is deeper than wanting to lose a certain amount of weight.  We want to help you reach your fitness goals, but even more so, we want to come alongside you to determine why those goals are so crucial to you. Whether it is to have the ability to play with your grandkids, hike trails in the mountains, or simply feel more capable and strong, we are here to help you.

To accomplish this, we use something called the “prescriptive membership model.” You’ll sit down with us for a free meeting to ensure we are the best service to help you. From there, we customize a membership package that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. We meet with you free of charge every 90 days to ensure the plan we have created is working right for you.

We are experts

All of our coaches are experts in movement, training methodologies, and program design, but more importantly, we are passionate about accountability, encouragement, and finding the best way for you to accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter how much someone knows about the intricacies of fitness and health if they don’t actually care about the person they are coaching. We want to listen, learn, understand, and help. Lifelong lifestyle change requires in-depth coaching, relationship building, empowering action steps, and a supportive community. We aim to do all of those things!

We are about more than just physical fitness

At GPHF, we don’t believe it is sufficient just to help you become physically fit. We want to help you feel happier and more capable of tackling the ups and downs of life along with reaching your fitness goals. 

Our vision is to help people become holistically healthy and fit so that they can make a positive impact on others. Our mission is to help one thousand people become healthy, fit, and happy; a lofty goal to say the least. You deserve to feel healthy and happy. Let us help you with expert coaching, accountability, community, encouragement, and a growth mindset culture.