Is Personal Training Right for Me?

“You guys do PT? I though you were just a group class gym!”

Yes, we absolutely do Personal Training. A lot of it, actually. So why should you choose PT over group classes?

1️⃣If you have a specific goal, that requires personalized programming, personal training is the answer

2️⃣If you want to master a certain skill that requires a lot of attention, repetition, and time

3️⃣If you are brand new to the fitness world, and you want to get your feet wet before joining a group

4️⃣If you have chronic pain or an injury that requires specialized programming

5️⃣If you just like the 1:1 setting and connecting 1:1 with a coach

Here is a review one of our PT clients left –> “I would tell you any day of the week to go and see one of the GP coaches. They are encouraging, and insanely supportive. They will give you the push you need to keep going, and accomplish goals I thought were far from possible.”

Sound like PT might be right for you? Come and chat with us and get set up with the right trainer.