Why you should try Group Classes

Top 10 reasons to join GP group classes

1️⃣ Camaraderie –> mutual suffering is a beautiful thing

2️⃣ Time flexibility –> Not sure what your day will hold? choose from a class first thing in the morning, until last thing before you go to bed

3️⃣Exceptional coaching –> every class you will get constant feedback on your movement and assistance in choosing what weight, exercise, or level is right for you

4️⃣Motivation –> the hardest part is just getting through the door – after that, we can take it from there

5️⃣Challenge –> working out at home, and working out in a group is a completely different experience. If you like a little push, you can easily find it

6️⃣Constantly varied movement –> no two workouts will be the same (or very rarely).

7️⃣Non-biased movement –> if it was up to you, you’d likely never choose the movements that you’re not good at or don’t like (and may not progress) – but when it’s up to us, we make sure you are a well rounded athlete

8️⃣Safety –> if you’re alone, you may not know how far you can push, or if you’re moving incorrectly – it’s our job to know those things and to keep you safe

9️⃣Encouragement –> we know it’s not always easy to show up and workout, but working out beside your gym fam, and having your coach cheer you on can be the key on those hard days

🔟To be the best YOU –> it’s not about us, it’s about YOU. All we want is to provide a space for the BEST part of your day, and for you to leave happier and healthier then when you came in