How to Lose Fat “RIGHT HERE” – The Truth About Spot Training

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said that you wanted to lose fat “right here”?. 

Yah. Same. 

Maybe you’re pointing at your tummy, or your arms, or legs, or nose… gotcha. 

First off, know this…

You’ve perfectly created the way you are. We ALL have imperfections. We ALL want to look a little different, and we ALL have areas we think, “If only this goes away, then I’ll be happy.” 

But, we know that wanting to improve your body is not all bad. Gaining confidence and feeling your best has a LOT of benefits. So let’s talk about what SPOT TRAINING really means. 

Our outright answer for you would be this. You can’t “lose fat right there.” Spot training is a myth. In order to change a certain area, overall weight loss is what you need. Despite what those Facebook ads tell you: “Burn off belly fat” or “tone your legs!”, you actually can’t target fat loss in a specific body part. There is no magic pill, lotion, oil, or even diet that targets fat loss in a body part. 

In the process of weight loss, it will be your body that decides its priority area where fat will first burn (and yes, the area you want to change the most will probably be the area that changes last… hate to break it to you!). Time, consistency, and patience WILL get you there.

Building muscle will hasten the process of weight loss. We don’t mean bulging bodybuilder muscle (unless you’re into that!), but small increases in muscle mass. Here is a preview of how our FAT-LOSS program will help you burn fat fast if you stick to it, and consistently prioritize your workouts and nutrition. 

The combination of cardiovascular and strength training is our trade secret (shhh, don’t tell the others). We don’t just run for thirty minutes or lift weights for three sets of eight. We are qualified coaches that create programs tailor-fit to your capability, lifestyle, InBody scan numbers, and goals. These programs could mean any combination of the two types of training or even just focusing on either one for a certain period.

Talk to us! Let’s figure out a plan to get you losing that excess fat fast!