The Supplements You Need to Take When Starting a Fitness Program


Is the magic pill, or a waste of hard-earned cash?

The answer… both. Or neither. Depends on who you are and what you need. 

Here are the facts… the diet and fitness industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. It’s their job to make you believe that you need every fat-burning, calorie-busting pill out there. And you likely don’t. You likely just need to work hard, consistently and eat well. 


There may be a few supplements that most (most, not all) humans will benefit from. 

But you’d need an individual assessment, and probably some blood work for anyone to know for sure. 

So, what is the magic supplement that we ALL need? 

It’s lame (super lame).

It’s not fancy.

It’s not sexy. 

It’s not going to get you Instagram famous.  

It’s free.

And it’s awesome. 

The only supplement that you will need is a good attitude, willingness to work hard, and consistency. 

Here it is. Get ready for some hard, lame, but real truth. 

Smiling is one of the simplest actions we can do to improve our mood and outlook on life, and it turns out that smiling might also be one of the best things we can do for our health. A smile has been shown to help with everything from reducing stress and anxiety levels to increasing our pain threshold and helping us live longer. I bet you are sitting there reading this right now, smiling. Right? Am I right? You are, aren’t you? If you weren’t, you are now! 

We all know for a fact that training for a fitness program isn’t always easy, and it’s hard to stick with it if it isn’t enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a new way to start your fitness journey, why not put on a smile and get started? You may be surprised at how much better you feel once you incorporate this simple habit into your routine. So not only will a smile help keep your mood up, but it can also give you a little burst of energy to help you get started on your workout. Plus, smiling makes you look more confident, giving you the motivation you need to push through when things get tough. 

Although supplements are a trend on the market, you may have even gone to a store and talked to a salesperson who undoubtedly recommended a plethora of powders and pills, all of which promised to make you fitter, healthier, stronger, and leaner in no time! And maybe, just maybe, once you get into a routine, you can and should consider adding supplements to your program. But for now, focus on what you can eat and how often you can work out – that’s plenty to get started! As always, start with the basics: good nutrition and plenty of exercises. 

Taking small steps is an integral part of any fitness journey. When you break your larger goal into manageable pieces, it becomes easier to take the necessary actions to achieve success.