Recovery After an Injury

Injuries often make us discouraged and disappointed in ourselves, or in the situation. Of course they do… no one expects or wants to be injured.

But you know what can make an injury a good story? 

A good comeback. Resilience. A no-quit attitude.

Everyone loves your next comeback story, but unless you’ve been through an injury yourself, it’s hard to fully understand all the emotions that are tied to it. Injuries are draining, frustrating, and can be depressing if they last too long. Imagine spending all your life, blood, sweat, and tears to perfect your craft only to be robbed of the potential of greatness because of a misstep, a muscle tear, or a bad fall. 

Having to be told to remove training from your routine may be maddening. Between business, career, personal commitments, and family, your training will inevitably be thrown into a mess. You’ll have to reconfigure your day to accommodate the physical rehabilitation process. The hardest part about it is the struggle of accepting the possibility of not being able to compete or train, or just enjoy your sport in the same way again. It’s not uncommon to get to the point of thinking to yourself, “I suck… Now what?” 

Mental rehabilitation is the foundation for recovery. While the community you’ve built within your sport or gym will be consoling you during the recovery process, we all know that it still isn’t the same as being in the gym with them and sweating your butt off. An excellent start to any activity in one’s life – especially post-injury – is an optimistic thought. Remember the reasons why trying will always be better than giving up. Try a new activity, focus on what you can control, exercise without expectations, and make the best of your support system. Once you get to the point of recovery where you can consider getting back to training, don’t forget to incorporate it into your routine, slowly but surely. 

Continuous improvement is the name of the game for athletes, and that might mean sucking at a few things before regaining your confidence and strength. We would LOVE to help you get from point A, to B – the part where you get back to your game, love for sport, and confidence in your bodies abilities again!

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