When life gets busy, and things don’t go the way planned, what are the small little habits you can manage to regain control? Here are a few suggestions to help you establish that one fallback habit that will keep all others on track to fitness. 

  • Get outside and go for a walk. Nature can always be a good thing to fall back on. The clean air and noise of the town’s hustle and bustle can awaken your senses and keep you grounded when you feel lost in the chaos of things. 
  • Prep one thing. When falling back on nutrition, count on one specific meal prep, so you have one less thing to worry about during the week regarding your food intake.
  • Read a book. Reading can be a core habit that will help you escape the chaos of reality for a short time. This habit can be refreshing under the stress of the uncontrollable events that have transpired lately. 
  • Bring water back into your day. You likely overlook your hydration during a busy, chaotic day. Establishing this habit will keep you rejuvenated and hydrated no matter what may happen. Focus on extra sleep
  • Wake up earlier. Waking up earlier can help energize your day and lead to getting more things done to counter the uncontrollable events that have been happening recently. 
  • Talk with someone. Taking a break from your hectic schedule to converse with another person can help you keep your mind off the mayhem.
  • Gratitude practice. Even reaching out via text to give value to someone else can keep you grounded. Having that moment of focus on someone other than ourselves reminds us that instead of controlling uncontrollable things, adapt to them instead.
  • Spend time in silence. Silence allows us to unplug from the world and regroup within ourselves to restart our mindset into turning negatives into positives. 

Here are a few more keystone habits that will positively affect all your other habits. 

Add protein. This tip leaves less room for nutritionally dense food, making you fill up on healthier choices instead.

Commit to 5-10 minutes of movement each day. More movement in a day means less screen. Not only will this help you lessen your exposure to the internet and gadgets, but what could go wrong with adding movement and exercise to your daily routine? 

Recognize certain things. Write down your fears, what you are grateful for, and then what you can do to take control leading you to take action just by dispensing crowded thoughts and listing them down on a piece of paper.