Coaching has proved, time and time again, that it is one of, if not, THE, key to staying healthy and sustaining fitness. Greater Purpose Health and Fitness coaches are well-versed in handling their clients’ bad days to put the “happy” back into your day and the skip back in your step. 


There is something special about having someone expecting you to show up… right? It’s “easy” to let yourself down, but when you know your coach is waiting for you and has a special workout, planned just for you, you’re going to show up. They may also occasionally encourage you to make great life choices outside the gym too – to keep up with good nutrition, drink your water, get to bed in good time… all those things! 


There are millions of exercises accessible online (actually more like billions), but your coach will work with you to set some realistic personal objectives and then make sure you’re performing the best workouts to achieve them. No two people are exactly the same, and neither should their workout plans be. 


Your priorities may shift from day to day. Time, place, energy, etc. All those things can change on a dime, and so can we! We are quick and creative and can swiftly alter your program to meet your requirements!


You may be sleeping in, staying in your jammies all day, eating badly, and generally feeling miserable. Your coach will assist you in bringing structure to your days at home by creating a schedule, offering task lists and planning tools, and providing mental health mindset work. Weekly check-ins to make sure you’re following through on your promises (not for us, but for YOU!) will also help you develop new and healthier habits. 


We are social creatures, and happiness entails being connected! As we said, in addition to frequent communication on your physical fitness, we will meet with you regularly to ensure that you are on track in all areas where you need assistance. We will immerse you in the GPHF culture of optimism and support.
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