Have you ever been motivated to exercise, only to plateau in fitness development after some time? If you said “Nope!” you’re lying. Have you gotten so used to your workout routine that you wake up in the morning dreading to do it again? Here are a few simple tips for looking forward to your fitness routine again! 

1. Get a gym buddy → Everything is better with a buddy. Especially one that can pick you up when your motivation is lacking. Invite someone along with you on your health journey, and make an agreement with one another to hold each other accountable and to make your workout the best hour it can be each day! 

2. Customize → Boredom can make the routine you follow dull and stale. Arms, legs, back, core, repeat… can get a little old after a while. Find ways to modify your day and incorporate fun into it. Same with your nutrition! Are you tired of chicken and broccoli every other day? Try a new exciting recipe!

3. Find a coach → Qualified coaches continuously revisit your program and find ways to improve your routine. This consistency of change will keep you on your toes, having you look forward to your routine. 

Our coaches will help you attain your goals and build a plan tailor-fit to you and your lifestyle. Just like our group classes! “Constantly varied” is a HUGE part of what we believe keeps Greater Purpose fun, exciting, and constantly helping our members improve their fitness!
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