Have you ever heard someone saying: “You are a reflection of the company you keep.”?

How about the phrase: “No man is an island.”?

Whoever you heard it from, they were right.

Seth Godin once said, “One of the most powerful survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people. We are drawn to leaders and to their ideas, and we can’t resist the rush of belonging and the thrill of the new.”


As you know…. the pandemic did a number on the survival of most businesses; gyms are no exception. For a hot minute, It was concerning for a lot of gym owners when people realized they could work out from the comfort of their homes with a quick click of their amazon button for their own gym equipment. It left many gyms feeling like they were about to be a thing of the past. However, despite everyone’s resourcefulness to keep working on their fitness, we have learned that nothing compares to the fitness community and its extension of it past the four corners of the gym.

Why? Because most people still need people. 

(Ps. Huge shout out to our members who are STILL crushing it at home!!! You are a special, beautiful breed of human beings!).


There was a lot that we all learned over the last few years – one of the most important being the awareness and importance of looking after oneself. People are looking to get back into the normal routine to socialize with the community – from their book clubs to their dance classes, to the gyms. But it can be tough to get started again. We get that. Sometimes all you need is a quick smile and a “Way to go!” to remind you how good it feels to move your body.

The importance of the tribe can seem tangible inside the gym. It wakes you up – the hustle, the energy, sounds of controlled chaos, your friends pushing you to finish your rep when you thought you couldn’t.  That is the good stuff!


It’s said that we are the most productive when we love what we do. It’s also said that it’s the company of our friends that keep us loving what we do. 

That’s the beauty of the community. People who were once strangers are now some of your closest friends who are pulling for you to succeed. 6 AM workouts don’t seem nearly as early when you and your tribe get to see each other doing your routines. 

There’s something incredibly special about a group of people that suffer and sweat together.


Tribes of all kinds are important because:

  • They’re your support system. In success and in failure, your tribe will show up whenever you need them most (or even when you don’t)
  • They know you can do more than you think. Believe it or not, the time you’ve spent together makes them know you more than you think you know yourself. They will be there to cheer you on your 100th pull-up when you thought you couldn’t even get to 1.
  • They listen. Everyone needs to be heard. In the times you’ve spent together sweating and laughing and maybe even crying, the bond between you and your tribe will strengthen and will make all the difference when you need a shoulder to cry on or even just an ear to listen.

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