Have you ever unconsciously set yourself up for failure? 

(If you answered no, you probably just don’t remember it). 

Have you ever told yourself that this time, your gym membership will be sustainable and will keep you fit for as long as possible? You’ve maybe even added a nutrition program in to make it more plausible, too. Even better, you’ve committed to totally cutting out sugar and carbs. But three weeks in, the scale shows no change. So, you sit back down on your computer chair, dig into your work, munch on your stashed Cheetos, and type in, “Best exercise and diets for weight loss,” and magically, a billion answers are found. 

That same old vicious cycle that never seems to end, and replays like a broken record to keep you from achieving your goals. 

But why? 

Why does it keep happening? 

What are you doing wrong, and what are you missing?

Fitness and Nutrition are only a small piece of the puzzle. It is the foundation of your road to fitness, yes, but there is so much more to it than those two things.

Any decent coach can give you a fitness and nutrition plan. Literally, any of them. But there is the thing. You actually have to… show up. Showing up every day is the key. Does that mean you have to be perfect? No. Does it mean you can’t give up? Yup. Your mindset needs to change, and you need to remember that change takes time. No matter the scale, we have to remember to go back to basics to avoid going back to square one every few weeks. 

Okay, now that we have that covered, the last and most important piece involves some work between the ears. Approaching everyday life with the mindset of positivity, spontaneity, adaptation, and the habit of setting realistic expectations will equip you with a more sustainable lifestyle that will eventually and effortlessly become part of your regime. You just need to commit to staying the course.
Let us help. Here, we have an all-encompassing program that will help you build the structure you need, hold you accountable, and help you put the rest of the puzzle pieces together. And the best thing about it is that we do it together! Book a call with us here if you’re ready to finally break that cycle.