How to Start Small to Win Big in Your Health and Fitness

We all want to be fit and healthy, but sometimes the thought of starting from scratch is too daunting. It can be overwhelming to think about overhauling our entire lifestyle, especially if we’re not sure what changes will make the biggest impact. 

In the world of health and fitness, it seems like you have to start big or go home because we tend to believe that the bigger the goal, the more impressive the accomplishment. But in reality, small wins can lead to big accomplishments. There’s an old saying that goes “start small and you can win big.” It’s a mantra that can be applied to many different things in life, and your health and fitness journey is no exception. BUT you don’t have to make huge changes overnight or try to do everything at once. In fact, starting small is often the best way to go. You can gradually make changes week by week until they become a habit, and slowly increase the level of difficulty as you feel ready. Before you know it, you will be seeing some amazing results.

So here are THREE things to get the habit ball rolling:

1. incorporate protein in your meals (or at least three times a day)

2. moving your body four times a week for 20 minute or more

3. Drink 3L of water a day

Just start it off very simple. It may look like not a lot, but these are some of the foundational habits that we at Greater Purpose Health and Fitness want to make sure that people are able to do each and every week. It can be tough to make a big change, especially when it comes to our health and fitness. But starting small is the best way to win big in the long run. Taking things slow will help prevent burnout and give you the best chance of sticking with your new healthy habits for the long haul. Moreover, starting small can often lead to bigger and better goals – both in terms of results and long-term motivation.

What are some small steps you can take today to improve your health and fitness?