Why Our Gym Doesn’t Look Like Other Gyms

Have you wondered what the cost of starting a gym is? 


That’s okay. Most people don’t. Most people are more concerned about how much it is to join one than an open one. 

Years ago, it would only take you… maybe twenty thousand dollars to open a gym.  It would probably have just had the bare minimum equipment and without anything too fancy to attract loads of customers. Marketing wasn’t even a thing back then unless you planned to put ads in a newspaper, and all gym owners had was the client’s word of mouth to refer their gym to new potential clients. This also meant that it took gyms to show RESULTS to gain new clients and retain old ones.

With random barbells and a few plates, big rubber bands, skipping ropes, mats, one rower, and a couple of medicine balls, CrossFit Camrose opened its doors in a tiny garage, in hopes to get a few faithful clients super fit. And we did just that. 

Until we grew. Our membership and our space exploded! But, despite having about 10 fold more area, our equipment list didn’t expand all that much. Not that we couldn’t, but chose not to. And here is why. 

If you are into the fitness community, you know that the best way to maximize results doesn’t require loads of fancy stuff, but by using only minimal equipment. But not all gyms agree. When gyms sell comfort, padded machines, oiled stacks, and polished chrome, truly fit people or those who NEED to lose weight, perform, and want to fix their bad backs, avoid those things because they know it’s all for show. Instead of fancy things and shiny metal, we encourage our members to focus on consistency, form, and efficiency, perfectly coupled with a realistic nutrition program. 

Blinded by either the cheapest option or the largest, new clients come in because of a shared reason revolving around “not getting results.” They come knocking at our door looking for coaches – and good coaches don’t need fancy-schmancy things to get you results. Professional career coaches use barbells, boxes, squats, push-ups, and a solid nutrition plan. Forced to choose what works, professionals will always choose the basic and effective strategy.

Clients booking a No-Sweat Intro usually ask about the open space in the gym. The spaciousness of the gym is because you will be moving your own body a lot, requiring no chair, padding, and no seat belt. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Under bright, fluorescent lights, clients happily do burpees, snatches, and climb ropes. While coaching has improved tenfold, the equipment has not really changed at all. 
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