EPISODE 57 | 75 Hard, Yay… or Nay?

What is the 75-Hard Challenge? 

Social Media’s reach these days has been astronomically impressive. From learning to edit your podcast videos through YouTube, to finding your life partner with a click of a button, you can do almost anything thanks to the world wide web. This can be such an amazing thing, when used right!

Popularized by Andy Frisella, CEO of a massive supplement company, the 75-hard challenge claims to improve one’s confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, fortitude, grittiness, and discipline. Talk about the solution to all your mental struggles, right?

Dubbed by its creator the “transformational mental toughness program,” it is inclusive of a fitness component aimed to transform your overall life. 

The challenge includes the following tasks:

-Working out twice a day (once outside and another inside)

-4 liters of water

-No sugar

-Reading 10 pages of a book at least once a day

-Taking a progress picture daily

-No alcohol for the entire duration of the program

These are all incredible things!

Slippery Slope

The decision to trek this path is quite beneficial to some but might pose a risk to others. People with addictive personalities and specific health conditions may be advised to think twice about dipping their toes in the pool. Really intense and very restrictive programs can put certain people in an unhealthy place because they will do whatever it takes to finish the course at the expense of other aspects of their lives (I would be one of those people!). The Challenge threatens the mental health of those who are more likely to acquire the addiction as it will occupy most of their thoughts. So before deciding to try the 75-hard, think about how you will cope during the days that aren’t perfect. If you don’t have that obsessive, perfectionistic qualities, you’d most likely be fine, and probably hugely benefit from attempting this challenge! Even if you can’t do it perfectly, you’ll probably end up with some amazing habits. 

All or Nothing

The foundation of sustainable habits plays a significant role in the attainment of the program. Without this footing, the likelihood of regression once fallen off the course is consequential, maybe even further than how they started. Remembering the ‘why’ and its benefits, turning activities into habits, will create the platform for continual improvement. This will ensure that you will continue further than the 75 days and bring the essence of the program effortlessly into your lifestyle. Or at least certain parts of it!

Another point to consider is that a failure safety net is not present in the system. The consequence of this might be the attitude of quitting the moment you fall off the wagon. Having to start over to ‘one’ when you fail to achieve ‘seventy-four’ is too heavy a burden causing an individual to possibly quit at the most inconvenient time. 

Coaching has proven to be valuable and life-changing and can significantly help in this aspect. It positively impacts self-confidence, wellness, and work performance and can help you overcome that all-or-nothing feeling when you fall off a routine. You won’t be starting from zero once you follow a program your coach has set for you, unlike challenges like these when you are expected to continue tasks for several weeks. 


‘Restrictions’ have recently gotten a bad reputation – and generally, for good reason. The general idea engraved in people’s minds is the negative connotation of not allowing themselves to do what they like. Instead, restrictions may mean as simple as taking a walk when you’re more used to lounging on your couch eating Twinkies all day (restricting mindless eating and lounging). For someone else, it may mean eating more and working out less. The misconception around the word only stems from limiting the comfortable and facing the healthy but uncomfortable. Master that skill and figure out your goals around your program that are long-term and more substantial, and you’d have a better chance of coming out a winner. Not so bad after all!

The takeaway?

Setting yourself up for success looks different for everyone. What works for you may not work for your best friend, partner, or even your twin. Remembering the baseline of consistency, discipline, and a step-by-step approach will set you up for 75 years more than the ’75 days’. Coaching also helps significantly with personal growth; considering your lifestyle and habits will help you stay on track without giving up the things you love. 

So is it a Yay or Nay? 

Honestly, and maybe surprisingly, it depends. There are a lot of factors to consider when trying out the 75-hard Challenge. So, in summary, never forget your WHY, the importance of why you’ve started the program. Or any program, for that matter. This way, you would get more out of life instead of a superficial milestone of finishing the program and getting back to your old habits. If it makes you start your fitness journey on week 2, even without completing the 75, we could say you’ve won. And at the end of the day, that’s what it all really boils down to.