Understanding Principles vs. Methods

Learning to understand the principles instead of the methods will ensure you get the most out of your fitness routine. If you were to do a google search on methods to lose weight, you would probably be sitting at your computer for thousands of hours sifting through each one. When you walk through the till at the grocery store, how many different ways have you seen that you can “tone your thighs” or “get bigger biceps”? These are all selling methods, and while there is maybe a small percentage of them that do work, what matters is the context they are using. A method will only work if it suits the specific problem that is in front of it (Also, you can’t tone a muscle. You can only lose muscle or gain it. Lose fat or gain it. Just had to get that in there).

For Example…

Let’s say that you are in your office writing some notes on a piece of paper. You finished the page and flip the paper over to continue writing. In the process, you fumbled and ended up with a paper cut. This is your first-ever paper cut and you have no awareness of the severity of it, so you go to the hospital. You walk into the doctor’s office, he tells you that they need to amputate the finger right away. I am far from knowing anything about the medical field but I can guarantee that this would be the wrong decision. Amputation is a method used by medical professionals, but I can’t imagine that method being used for paper cuts very often, if ever. This can seem like an extreme example but I think it paints a pretty clear picture of why not all methods fit each individual case.

Understand the Principle

Methods only fit certain circumstances and should not be used without an understanding of the principles behind them. This is why it is so important to seek out professionals in order to help you reach your fitness goals. A professional will understand individual cases in front of them and not use cookie-cutter methods. They will still pick a method to use but it is more important that they help you understand the principle behind them. The Keto Diet may very well be beneficial for some people, but for others, not so much.

The base behind any diet or nutrition plan should be that it helps the person live a longer healthier life. A method to make sure this happens for someone could be any one of the different eating styles. A magazine on a shelf or a fitness Instagram model won’t know which one is best for you, because they don’t know you, your goals, or your history. Implementing different methods without seeking expert advice, is like throwing a dart at a board blindfolded. Take 100 throws and you may get a couple in the center. Work with someone who is a professional, and you remove the blindfold – exponentially increasing your odds of hitting the center.

One more example

There are many different ways to travel the world, but which one fits your goals for the trip. Want to get somewhere fast? Take a plane. Want to stop at tourist spots along the way? Drive. Want to travel through mountain entrenched tunnels and experience the landscape? Take the train. Want to challenge yourself? Ride your bike. Want to see the vast open blue? Take a cruise.

Now, delete your google search on the latest method of losing weight and instead, search for a professional that can assess you and utilize one of the appropriate methods to help you reach your goal.

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