How to Feel Fulfilled

Growth is needed for us to feel fulfilled. And like it or not, seeking discomfort is directly tied to growth. While it may be challenging, finding joy in the discomfort can change your mindset. It will allow you to see the journey as the pursuit instead of just a means to an end.

Enjoy the Process to Feel Fulfilled

You may want to climb a mountain. Or maybe you have set a goal to achieve in the gym. Perhaps you are in the midst of pursuing your dream job. What we need to realize about these things, is that the actual process of achieving the goal – working hard to get that job, or climbing that mountain – is actually where the joy comes from. Think back to a time where you have completed a goal you set for yourself, how long did that feeling of happiness last? I can guarantee that the amount of time you felt that sense of joy pales in comparison to the length of time it took to get there. Life continues to move on once we have achieved something, and then we are left to chase bigger goals.

I like the analogy of climbing a mountain. We are so excited about reaching the summit that we often forget to see the beauty on the way up. The smell of the pine trees, little animals running around, the many different perspectives and views from the trail, etc. These are all gifts to be enjoyed along the way. Unfortunately, these small things can all be missed by becoming so fixated on the end goal. The top will most likely be the pinnacle of beauty. However, the amount of time you actually enjoy it is far less than the climb itself.

Appreciate the Climb

The rest that you have earned at the top of the mountain is more meaningful when you can appreciate the climb. As you climb, there will be mass amounts of opportunities to grow and seek discomfort. For example, let’s say you rush and look for the most comfortable ways up the tree sprinkled, jagged rock mountain. If you do, you will miss the opportunity to grow as a person and appreciate the beauty of the climb. There is also nothing wrong with taking the gondola. However, the amount of fulfillment felt at the top from the climber versus the gondola rider, is vastly different. They will both reach the same endpoint, but the climber will appreciate the breathtaking view more. They will also be able to understand the hard work and beauty experienced in the process of the climb.

So, celebrate and breathe in the achievement of reaching the top of the mountain. At the same time realize that the real fruit is in the actual climb itself. We tend to search for the easiest way to the top. What joy and fulfillment are you missing out on because of this?

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