It’s About More Than Fitness

It’ always been about more than fitness for us. When someone is interested in becoming a coach at Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition, they go through a 4 stage, 100-hour internship process in addition to obtaining their CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate. We teach them many things during this process such as:

1) How to see and correct movement

2) How to understand the way each individual in a group of 20 needs to be pushed in different ways

3) Leadership skills

4) How proper sleep, nutrition, breathing mechanics, and stress management can accelerate the members progress

5) Energy systems

6) Programming methods and principles

7) How to assess and correct a limited range of motion or power production

8) Time management

9) Organizational skills

10) and much more…

What More Than Fitness Means To Us

The things I just listed can all be taught. What is much harder to teach is the ability to genuinely care. Someone may have all the knowledge in the world, understand how every single muscle works, and still fail at helping others improve.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”- Theodore Roosevelt.

Our coaches understand this, and it’s something we embody at our gym. Helping you is, and will always be our biggest priority. This means that we will continuously search out the best methods, equipment, and environment to help you reach your goals. We also ourselves in continually educating and growing ourselves, so that we can help you grow. That is not only a given to us but mandatory to being a coach in our gym. We want to care about more than just your fitness.

It’s About You

It is very important that our coaches have a passion for helping people and who embody our core values. Having an understanding of how the body works is helpful, but we know that it can be taught. That is why on the same evaluation sheet for our coaches, it reads this:

1) Did you help them understand the stimulus of the workout?

2) Did you help them move better?

3) Did they leave feeling better than when they came?

4) Was class fun?

There is a constant balance of teaching and listening for us as coaches. We want to help the whole of you and provide you with a place to be in a positive community.

Our Mission

Helping you become fit will always be one aspect of our mission at the gym. We, however, will never only focus on that. Helping you become holistically well is the primary mission of Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition. We are professional coaches that will help you lose weight, have the energy to play with your kids or grandkids, or run a marathon. While we do that, our aim will be to help the other facets that make you a whole person.

“Helping people become holistically well, through meaningful relationships, a positive atmosphere, growth based coaching, and holistic wellness practices.”

Core Values










–Team Work–

If this sounds like the type of coaching and fitness environment you’re looking for, we would love to meet you. Get started with your Free Fitness Consult by using the link below.

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