New Year, New Me?

I want to lose 30 lbs, read 20 books, run 1 marathon… and so on. How many times have you set lofty goals for yourself? Conversely, how often have you reached those milestones? As a new year is just around the corner, so are New Year’s Resolutions. This means sayings like “New Year New Me” will spam up your social media feeds.

How To Reach Your Goals

Take small steps and don’t let the time of year dictate when you start your journey to your goals. Why not start today? Read one page of a book today. Drink sparkling water instead of a pop. Go for a 20 min walk. Small little things, done consistently, over and over add up to big accomplishments. Think about water running over a rock for months, years, and decades. That rock is a very solid object but the gentle running of water over it is enough to slowly wear at it. The major thing in all this is TIME. We all have the same amount of time, it is one of the currencies we cannot make more of.

Start Today

You should start today, no matter how small. You will be surprised where you are in a year’s time. Look beyond those quick fixes, that you probably know from experience, rarely are sustainable.

At Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition, we want you to find Hope, Joy, and Purpose in life. We know that fitness is just but an aspect of a healthy lifestyle. We want to cultivate an environment that you can take those small little steps towards the bigger goal of fulfillment in life. If you or someone you know are wanting to take the first small step towards their goals, we can help. Sign up for your free meeting below.

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