More Than Just an Athlete

“Making great athletes and even greater people.”

This is the slogan for our athletic training side of Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition, Greater Purpose Strength and Conditioning. It is a big goal as professional trainers at the gym, but it also extends to each and every service we offer. We understand that people want to look better and feel better. That is often why someone decides to join a gym. These are great goals that we want to help you accomplish them. However, we care more about you as a person. Therefore, we also strive to help you grow mentally and spiritually, not just physically.

Fitness Does Not Define You

Being able to bench press 300lbs or deadlift 400lbs or having a six-pack is excellent, but does it equal lasting fulfillment? Not in our opinion. We understand that these are all milestones that can bring us temporary happiness in life (nothing wrong with that). But we want you to be aware, that these will always be fleeting moments along your greater journey. How would you answer this question, “If you were unable to ever workout again, would you still be you?”. Working out is just one aspect of what you do, and it does not (or should not) define who you are. That is why we aim to help you develop as a person and not only an athlete. Many things in life are finite, including life itself.

Teens Program

In our Teen’s Program, we always start with a “Chalk Talk.” Sometimes it entails what kind of food to eat or focuses on educating our teens on the importance of sleep. More consistently, the topic is something like, “What makes you feel happy? Does helping others make you feel happy?”. This is often one of the most fulfilling things. We follow up with some physical skill development and conditioning. Still, we first talk about something that will build them as humans.

There is a Greater Purpose in Mind

We see the gym and its many professional programs as a way to help people develop as people and not just as athletes. When we begin to understand that working out is but a small aspect of life, we will be free to enjoy it for what it really is, a gift. You are amazing, remember that. Not just because you are a great athlete, spouse, student, teacher, mom, dad, business owner, accountant, doctor, etc. or anything else that is finite. Enjoy it for what it is, a gift, and don’t let it define you.

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