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Your Path to Health and Fitness Success

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Having a “why,” ongoing goals, a plan, joy through the process, accountability, and a guide. These are all the attributes that make a path to your health & fitness success. 

This is your guiding compass to why you want to prioritize your health and fitness. The bigger reason. More than wanting to lose X amount of pounds. More than getting your first pull-up. More than running your first mile. These are things like being able to play with your grandkids. Having the ability to hike the best summits. Be happier and more consistent for your family and friends. This WHY will keep you focused and motivated when things inevitably get tough. The far off destination that helps pull your through that muck.


Get my first pull-up. 

Lose 25 lbs. 

Run a sub 20 min 5km. 

Clean and Jerk your bodyweight. 

Goals are those things that help build momentum and motivation. They act as something you can experience in the now on the way to the WHY. This appreciation and checking off of goals helps you experience that joy in the process. The hard work you put in that leads to something tactful you and your community can celebrate together. The process can be exhausting but it is the biggest part of the journey. Find joy through this process by  celebrating  milestones and seeing your hard work slowly pay off. Getting you closer to that distant destination.

A Plan

The WHY, the WHO, and the HOW. Oftentimes we worry too much about the HOW before we even know our WHY or the WHO. Set your compass first. Then find someone to help you build the HOW (your plan). Your guide helps you build your plan by testing/retesting different aspects of your health and fitness, and finding out where you are so that you can then see if you are on your way to those individual goals. They reassess your plan daily. Life is inconsistent and that is why your guide needs to continually adjust your individual plan. 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

-Benjamin Franklin


You can find accountability in many different ways. Through one individual, a community, in person, virtually, and/or through your guide. These are those people who celebrate with you when you succeed and also come alongside you when you don’t. Keeping you interactive and engaged through the process. Which as stated earlier, can be daunting at times. They are the ones that can speak love truth in your life. Speaking the things that help you grow to be a better version of yourself. 


Finally, your guide. The person who understands the journey ahead of you and is prepared with all the supplies, knowledge, and experience needed to get you to that end point. A guide is more than someone who barks out orders or counts your reps. This individual is someone who understands how to motivate and support you as an individual. Continually learning and growing in their field of expertise. Not to exalt themselves but rather to simply be a better person to help guide you. This person takes a back seat to your success. A good guides know how to get the best out of you. Making you feel like the most important person in the room. That is why the best guides/coaches aren’t always the ones with all the degrees. Rather, they are the ones that understand people and deeply care about making them successful.

This is your path to health and fitness success.

At Greater Purpose Health & Fitness, we have invested a mass amount of time, money, and energy in ensuring we are the best guides to help YOU reach your goals and find your WHY. To get started:

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  1. Talk about your WHY and goals with us.
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  1. Create a plan together. 
  1. Find your community of accountability.
  1. Enjoy the process to that end goal. 

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