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If only.

If only I had ____. 

If only _____ wouldn’t have happened. 

Once I have ______, then I will be happy. 

Fill in the blank with whatever you want and you will realize how often we tell ourselves these things. 

Once I make this much money.

Once I have a 6 pack. 

Once I have enough time to workout and cook. 

If only 2020 wasn’t such a jerk

These are all things that make you rely on the external surroundings for internal happiness or the latter, unhappiness. 

Now more than ever, it has become not just important but imperative that we work on our mental health daily. You have been pushed and battered around during 2020. I sympathize with you and I am sorry you have gone through this. Please take what I write next as an open hand to help you through this.

Start working on your mind. Right now. The world isn’t going to stop being unfair, unforgiving, and unpredictable. That only leaves you with one option. Work on yourself and how these “un’s” affect you internally. With all these unknowns and inconsistencies, it is imperative that you work on yourself mentally. 

Mindset/Mental Health is one of the 6 aspects of our flywheel at Greater Purpose Health & Fitness, meaning it is one of the categories we have pinpointed you need to prioritize in order to be a holistically healthy and fit human being. Don’t wait until it becomes a problem before you prioritize it. 

Prevention is the name of the game. 

You don’t always know what you are strengthening your mind, body, and spirit for. Life is unpredictable. Create an internal safe zone to better handle the external chaos.

I (Matt) am personally taking 4 mindset coaching clients for November and December. I am not a psychologist. I am a coach who is an expert in how to guide you to the results you desire, through small attainable habits that help you build a strong internal world. 

If I told you I could help you build a mental 6-pack, would you book a free meeting with me? Mindset work isn’t sexy. That is one of the many reasons we don’t prioritize it. But you should. You are worth it. I want to help you feel happier and walk along with you through the rest of 2020.

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