The Essentials of Health and Fitness

Mind, body, and soul. 

There needs to be intentional time spent in all three categories in order to build a buffer to withstand the inconsistencies of tomorrow. Prioritizing your holistic health and fitness will ensure you are not only fighting off chronic sickness, infections, and injury, but also help you develop a buffer to have a better capability of building a hedge of safety.







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How balanced is your flywheel?

If you intentionally invest time and energy into these six subcategories of the health & fitness flywheel, you will be building capacity and strength-mind, body, and soul. 

Life is unpredictable. We cannot count on the next day looking the same as the previous one. This then means we need to build a buffer in each of these categories. We are working hard at Greater Purpose Health & Fitness to create a circle of experts in each of these individual categories. We have started to put the pieces of the puzzle together and are getting closer to saying we can help you with all aspects of the health and fitness flywheel.






Mindset/Mental Health

We are slowly building each of these categories to be better able to help you with whatever you need. These are mostly preventive based practices and coaching. How do you make sure you don’t need acute interventions in these categories? Start prioritizing them today. It is these small actions that build momentum. This momentum will snowball into something bigger in the future. Negative or positive. Want help? Simply click on any of the links above. We would be happy to chat with you for free to see if we are the best fit to help you.