Planning to trek the Great Wall of China? 

Join the Tour de France? 

Explore the Italian Dolomites? 

Adventures like these require your fitness to be up to par to keep up with the trek to the Great Wall and the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. These experiences will be the snippets of your life you look back on. You won’t remember your max-rep thruster, but you sure will remember that feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top of Mount Everest. 

These experiences can make your life fascinating, and leaving an impression on someone else’s story (for inspiring them to do something greater) is one of the best footprints we leave behind. 

Few of us will ever be the smartest in our circles.

Few of us will ever be the best-looking.

Few of us will be the wealthiest.

Few of us will win the CrossFit Games or make it to the NHL.

But ALL of us can go on riveting adventures. Even if that adventure is right outside your front door. Fitness creates that opportunity better than anything else. Needless to say, your adventure to Mount Everest needs to start with your fitness journey at the gym. 

Funny little episodes and new stories will emanate from your workouts. A great contributor to the unforgettable moments is the company of your friends in the gym community. 

Some opportunities our gym is offering to start your interesting experience include fun events like WOD & Wine, Halloween Dress Up Themed Friday Night Lights, Community Coffee, and many more to come! 

Having a training goal is valuable to the point of necessity. Having a road map to help you achieve it is critical. But finishing with a great story—that’s really the goal of it all, and fitness is the platform to get you there.