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The Best Program To Get Ready For Beach Season

“Will your program get me ready for beach season?”

Now, being that we are from Alberta, people may not use these exact words, but the general idea is there. But since we have been busting our humps to master our online nutrition and fitness, maybe this will reach those who do have nicer beaches than us :). 

We all want to feel good about our bodies, and the great news is, if you have a body, you can go to the beach. 

At Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition we want to help you not be tied to your outside image dictating inner happiness or joy. In saying that, you should also not feel guilty for wanting to help mold something from all your hard work. Because take it from those of us who have already tried and been there… happiness does not come from having a 6 pack. If you are unable to be happy without it, rarely will you truly be happy with it without a little internal work?

Phew. Okay. Now that we got that out of the way, please know that it also isn’t bad to want to build confidence, feel good in your skin, and have your body reflect the effort and work you put into your health. 

Functional movements performed at a high intensity and constantly varied (aka-CrossFit) is the best way to achieve that summer look you are going for. When paired with nutrition, you have a proven combo. 

The connection between the services and you actually achieving the results you are hoping for is your ability to put the work in. Sound easy enough? Maybe. But then why hasn’t it happened yet? 

How often have you started something with the best intentions in the world but a month or two later, fallen off that wagon. We know that you always have the best intentions and truly want to reach the goals you’ve set. We also know that the majority of people need a coach to guide, motivate, encourage, track, and keep you accountable.

It’s not all about the beach, either. For some, it might mean building a body that can withstand playing for hours with your grandkids. Or hiking for hours with your family. Build a body that is able to function the way you were created to be.

Our programming, paired with good nutrition habits, and a coach to keep you on track is the key to reaching those goals. We are always here to have a free chat to see if we can help guide you to that end goal :).