Episode 53 | Does the thought of accountability scare you?

A promise can be scary. 

There is a reason when two people get married, it’s not uncommon for one of them to get a little “cold feet”! It’s a big decision. Even more so when someone else is counting on you, and depending on you! 

The same can happen when you decide, “Yup, it’s time to make change, and I am actually going to ask for help!”. The uncomfortable feeling of pushing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone to achieve a big milestone can be intimidating. But the uncomfortable things are what really lead to growth, while accountability keeps you going and on track to get to where you plan to get to. 

Accountability can be simply defined as a responsibility

We, at Greater Purpose firmly believe in providing support for our clients, and to help keep them accountable for their progress, whether in the gym, at home, and through their nutrition. 

What accountability is NOT: It’s not having someone constantly looking over your shoulder with a whip in hand waiting to use it, guilting you if you miss a habit, or making you feel uneasy. 

What it IS: Getting real with you about making change, what that means, and actually giving you the tools to help you follow through with it. It’s more like having someone check in on your progress and encourage your improvement. 

With time and consistency, accountability is established, not just to your coach but to yourself and to the standards and disciplines you want to accomplish. 

There’s no point in feeling bad over something you can’t change because there is nothing you can do to go back to it or nothing you can do to solve it. Guilt is not going to fix anything. Many factors contribute to a shortcoming, but the best thing to do in those cases is to figure out how to move on and bounce back from it. It’s always better to ask ourselves what we can do in our next session to ensure we feel good about it this time, then berate ourselves for what has already passed. 

It all takes mastering one small step and moving on to the next to effectively execute a program and establish that sense of accountability to yourself. It may surprise you that the things you will be capable of a few weeks from now will have multiplied compared to your capacity to exercise today. 

Consistency can also be a great help in realizing your goals and keeping your habits sustainable. Accountability comes in at times when might need a little extra boost to help you stay consistent. Eventually, you will learn on your own how you can hold yourself accountable (hint: this is actually just called discipline). Our coaches are here to help you through the absence by checking in on you, making sure you’re progressing, and helping you get back on track from where you had left off. 

Our goal for you is not perfection. 

Our goal for you is progress.