Sustainable Fitness – Build Your Dream Fitness Home

To attain long-lasting, sustainable fitness, you need to be able to work out consistently over an extended period of time. A few blog posts ago I chatted about how small habits done consistently, result in more significant results if done over time. Grand, extreme, overhauled lifestyle changes rarely work in the long run because they are unsustainable. Not saying they can’t work, just not that often.

Picture This…

Two identical buildings were being built. In the first building, the construction crew spent an annoyingly large amount of time picking over each material that was going into the building and triple-checking each and every measurement. Really, just being excessive in every aspect. It took them 12 months to build. Now, the second house was built in 1 month. There wasn’t much thought and care put into the process. In other words, the team just wanted to get it done. Which one would you feel safer living in? Which house would you assume would last longer?

We can agree we would all feel the first house would be more reliable than the second one. Furthermore, I can guarantee that the first house would also outlast the second. This means, the first house is also more sustainable. How would you enable yourself to be patient enough to wait for the better built, more sustainable house? Finding a sense of joy and adventure in it all would be the key to being patient and waiting for the better home.

It Takes Time

Sustainable fitness and habits take time to build. Therefore, best way to ensure you are patient and committed to the long-lasting results is to enjoy your workouts and your community. When you find joy in working out/eating well and the environment you are in, you lose track of time. Time is the dependent variable of this whole system. So, find a “heath construction crew” that is fun to be around and that cares about you as a person. A crew that promotes your long term fitness over short term gratification. This is the key to long-lasting health and wellness. Patience is essential in enabling you to adapt to the hard work you put in. To be patient, you need to enjoy it. In order to enjoy it, you need a fun workout routine. And to be committed long term, you need a fantastic community to be accountable to.

Build it Well

There are many different ways to build your dream fitness home. The good ones take time and patience. So make sure you enjoy the community and culture around you. Having a fun workout routine is the glue that holds it all together. Don’t confuse fun for easy… Fulfilling fitness comes from growth and growth requires some discomfort. More on that another time :).

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