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Meet Jocelyn!

⭐Meet our Staff Monday!⭐
Meet Jocelyn!!!

Jocelyn is a Registered Dietician, and works alongside us a GPHF as one of our nutrition coaches. She has a passion for helping people find what works best for them in order to reach their health goals, and is amazing at it! She is full of knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm for overall health (and food!!!!). We absolutely love having her as a part of our team.
Here are some fun facts about Jocelyn!
1️⃣I love food and cooking, camping and outdoor adventures, home renovations, DIY projects, and planning and organizing just about anything!
2️⃣ I never watch the news. I find it depressing. And although sometimes I feel completely out of the loop with what’s happening in the world, I am okay with that!
3️⃣I am an introvert by almost all standards. I prefer writing over talking; I like to spend time thinking and need time to recharge; I am a great listener and observer
⭐What is your favourite part about nutrition coaching?
My favourite thing about nutrition coaching is supporting people to rebuild their relationship with food to become on that focuses on nourishing and fuelling their bodies. Seeing people’s mindset around eating shift to focus on quality, not calories, balance, not deprivation, and progress, not perfection is so awesome!

BOOM! This is exactly what makes Jocelyn so good at her job (among many other things!).

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