Make Your Health a Priority

There are many good conversations that take place at our gym. There was one in particular recently that we thought would make a really good topic to write about. Make things a priority before they make themselves a priority. This is heavy statement and can be tied to a lot of examples, not just in the gym but also for relationships and careers.

For Example:

Let’s say you are driving down the road in your car and you begin to feel your tire wobble. You have two options. The first one would be to stop your car and check to make sure the tire is okay and if it wasn’t, you would do what is necessary and fix the tire. Now the other option would be to ignore it and say that it is fine. Both of these could have very different outcomes. Compare this to something important in your life, you are noticing signs that something isn’t quite right but you choose to ignore it. The other would be to acknowledge it and take the steps to make it better. If you were driving with a loose tire, it eventually would go flying off and make itself a priority, maybe even with some really bad consequences. Maybe your tire isn’t even wobbling but you know that you need to check it, every once in awhile, to make sure it is tight. If it isn’t up to standards you do what is necessary to make it that way.

It Becomes About Prevention

With this example in mind, it is important to start to think about preventable actions in life. The hardest part about changing your mindset this way is that when you work on preventing something, you never actually know if you prevented it. We as humans are very tied to what we can see. We want to know how it fixed us or be able to see the evidence of this. It is very hard to see that by doing the small preventative things now, we actually saved ourselves a lot of grief in the future. If we could look ahead and see that our tire is going to fall off, I guarantee we would do everything now to prevent that in the future.

As they say, hindsite is 20:20. If we could see that little actions or things we do in our relationships, fitness, or lifestyle now have a significant positive impact wouldn’t we do more to make sure these things happen? Likewise, if we knew certain things were going to cause negative side effects, wouldn’t we want to prevent that? We know that regular exercise, eating well, sleeping well, and maintaining health relationships are beneficial. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the evidence that it is working.

In Summary

Stop waiting for something to go wrong in order to make it a priority. If there is an issue going on, it will inevitably make itself apparent in the future. Most likely it will be significantly harder to fix in the future than it is to prevent it now. Look at all the different facets of your life and think, “is there anything I can do now in order to prevent things in the future?” No one else can take this step other than you. It’s your choice.

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