How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is hard because life is unpredictable. We cannot forecast what will happen tomorrow or rely on it being the same as it was today. There will always be cycles in life filled with ups and downs, motivated and not so motivated times. How do you ensure that you stay motivated or re-motivate yourself when you experience roadblocks or have these ups and downs?

You need goals and a strong why.

Last week we touched on the importance of having a strong why. Your WHY keeps you motivated during the ups and downs of life. A shining star in the far off distance. Something that keeps you moving forward no matter what. A goal is something tangible that you can see and touch on your journey towards that star. Goals keep you motivated as you trudge forward in the guaranteed mud pits of life. They are something that is attainable and something that you can affirmatively say when you have reached them or not. Simply put, it’s a way you keep yourself motivated on the long journey to that WHY.

Stay in alignment

Keeping your goals in alignment with your guiding star ensures that you don’t get distracted or take the wrong path along the way. If the reason (WHY) I workout was to become the best most helpful/capable husband to my wife, setting a goal that puts me in the gym every day for multiple hours wouldn’t bring me closer to that finish line. That is not to say that someone else’s goal of doing this wouldn’t align with their reason why, but just not mine. Creating your own goals and not taking someone else’s becomes very important. Without a reason why you do what you do, you can reach goals/milestones, but they may leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Make it strong

Find your why and build-out goals along the way to keep yourself motivated during the ups and downs of life. The reason you workout needs to be deeply rooted in something that will keep you motivated throughout your entire life. This means that you may never reach that end star. The pursuit and the process of growth we go through becomes the intent of the journey. Goals are simply a way to keep you motivated and measure your progress to that lofty, distant finish line. Just make sure you are taking the right paths along the way

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