Focus on Adding the Good Things

It’s Easier to Add the Good Things

It is a lot easier to add good things than it is to take away the “bad” stuff. If I asked you to drink one more glass of water a day, compared to telling you to stop drinking pop, which one of those sounds more doable? Probably drinking the glass of water. When you commit to adding good things, you inevitably leave less room for the not so good things.

Telling someone to be less negative might not go over as well as simply asking the question, “What happened today that was good?”. Soon a habit will form, of naturally looking for the good stuff, and not merely seeing the bad roadblocks. By no means am I saying you shouldn’t be aware of other things around you, but I believe we often don’t create space for meaningful things.

Be Intentional: Focus on the Positive

Tell yourself to go for a 10 min walk each day, rather than limiting your TV time. Sooner than later, the feel-good hormones will kick in and the positive feelings associated with exercise and the outdoors will overpower your desire to sit in front of the TV.

When we hear “don’t eat that, don’t say that, give that up,” we instinctively dig our heels in. Even if it is actually us telling ourselves that. Words are powerful, and we often don’t pay enough attention to them.

Be intentional in the words you use for yourself and those around you. They have more weight to them than you realize. By adding the positive things, you leave less space for the not so nourishing things in life. Then you can create space for the good things to happen.


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