Using your fitness outside of the gym

The ultimate goal for anyone who is invested in their fitness (or not) is to live as a functional human being. From a holistic standpoint, having this goal creates further advantages than getting fit for the sake of getting fit. 

You may start off wanting to enroll in CrossFit because you want to look a certain way (hello beautiful muscles!), but working towards the overall functionality of being human would prove to be more sustainable, and I guess, more important than big biceps…. 

CrossFit, a multi-layer fitness program, is the foundation for general physical preparedness and an excellent platform for being a master of none but performing above average than most. It is an overall holistic approach to fitness that prepares you for everyday activities that require endurance, flexibility, strength, and mobility (like… chasing after kids?). 

Other than everyday activities, CrossFit also prepares you for different sports, from wakeboarding to skiing to even frisbee golf (hands up, all you frisbee golfers out there!?).  CrossFit can help you improve areas that would be beneficial to your chosen sport by developing a well-balanced, multifaceted, and adaptable athlete. It makes it easier to transfer one modality in your CrossFit program to the sport you are playing. The simplest modality can prepare you for that winning home run or just a simple arm swing of lifting your kids or grandkids.

A 20-minute walk, a bike ride, or walking your dog are a few of the best ways to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to reconnect with yourself and your most meaningful relationships. Outdoor activities can be incredibly calming as they keep you healthy, optimistic, and living your best life. These can also be great ways to recover between workouts.

Being conscious of your fitness is always worth it. We always encourage people to prioritize it first before it prioritizes you later (aka injury, chronic disease, pain, etc.). In the spectrum between wellness and sickness, ensuring that your meter is more toward the former than the latter keeps you resilient. When a condition inevitably comes, your regression won’t be as drastic as it would have been had you not been working on your fitness in the first place. Remember your reason for improving your health to keep you going because your fitness journey will never end. 

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