Coffee and the 6 F's - Episode 007 - Make the Good in Life a Priority

Make the Good in Life a Priority

Coffee & The 6 F’s – Episode 007 – Make the Good in Life a Priority

In this episode, we talk about how to make the good in life a priority. Matt, Gaetes, and Tom also provide some interesting discussions on how to grow and succeed during a challenging time. They touch on the 6F’s, and how now more than ever is a good time to make sure each “F” is addressed equally. They finish off by having Gaetes tell a funny joke that may or may not be worth listening to – you can decide.

Here is an example:

If you never check your tires on your vehicle, one day something could happen. If you continue to neglect it and something happens then it has now made itself a priority. But, if you make it a priority to check in on it regularly then you know everything is okay and you can drive wherever you want without worry because you’ve taken the time for it. The same goes for all the different aspects of your life. We need to constantly be auditing where we are prioritizing our time.

This doesn’t mean that the road will not be rough and bumpy. However, if we are not prioritizing the good things in life, if our wheel is not round, those bumps get a lot more difficult to navigate. We need to push into each aspect of the 6 F’s. Fitness, Faith, Family, Finances, Future, and Freedom. When we do that we keep the wheel round and we keep rolling forward regardless of what the road looks like.

Here is a teaser

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