Anthony Do – Greater Purpose Health and Fitness Podcast – Episode 010

Leaning into fear and finding a purpose filled passion along the way

Need some inspiration as we head into 2021?

Anthony Do was the most recent guest on The Greater Purpose Podcast, where he tells his incredible story of how he transformed his life by following his passion in film and photography. 

From small town Camrose, to working with the likes of Hafthor Bjornsson (the Mountain), Aston Martin, and working for a high end yacht company exploring the world in style. It’s an amazing story!

Fear stood in his way many times, but instead of backing away, he found a reason to continue to pursue his dream over and over again.

All we can say is that Anthony had an acute shift of purpose in his life. He went from sitting in the bar with his friends one night, to flying across the world on a 30 day thrill seeking adventure 3 days later. Selling all his things to pursue the unknown. 

This time in his life had a drastic impact on him, those around him, and his future. We don’t want to spoil it for you. So sit back and listen to Anthony’s story. 


More From Anthony

You can follow his amazing work on instagram @anthonykdo 

**His newly release “Summit Collection” can be found here**

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