Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck?

We have all felt stuck in our health & fitness journey at one point or another. Sometimes it may only last a day, or it could last as long as a year or two. We know that feeling. That feeling that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get out of that rut. You feel lost and frustrated. 

You are not alone. We have all experienced this to some extent. I have two pieces of advice to help you get out of that rut and guide you to reaching your health and fitness goals.

  1. Start

Start today. 

Don’t worry how big or small this might seem, all you need to do is start. Because, momentum creates momentum. 

  • -Cook one meal at home today
  • -Go for a 5 minute walk
  • -Find an accountability partner
  • -Write out your goals on a piece of paper
  • -Sit still for 60 seconds 

None of these should feel super overwhelming. If you can’t seem to find time to cook one meal at home, start smaller. Add veggies to one meal. Make it simple, small, and achievable. You will truly be amazed at what the power of small can do.

  1. Find a Guide

Invest in a coach – A professional fitness guide who has invested their time and energy in making sure they know how to get you to your goals. That rut you are stuck in? Most likely we as coaches have been there too. Your time is important to you. Let a coach expedite that process of navigating the confusing and overwhelming world of fitness & nutrition. 

Let us help you. 

You achieving your goals is our main purpose as health & fitness coaches. Not ready to start with us? That’s okay too. All we ask is that you start somewhere, with something tomorrow. Because your health is important to us. No matter where you are. 

Here is a list of our professional guides to help you get to where you want to go. Click the link to book your free consultation:



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