Episode 61 | How to get over the fear of joining a gym 

It can be terrifying to enter a gym or get back to it after a bit of an absence. Going anywhere new is nerve-racking. Worried about those judgemental eyes on your imperfect squats? Or those over-the-top coaches pushing you beyond your limits? Science says 85% of the things we worry about don’t actually happen. And science knows 😉  Phewphda! 

Here are a few tips on how Greater Purpose Gym can help you get over your fear of getting back to the studio.

Remember your WHY

Having that goal-oriented mindset will keep you motivated for the longest period of time. You won’t even notice that it’s your first anniversary in the gym next week! Reminding yourself of the initial reason for your membership will motivate you to go back and push you to sustain the lifestyle you have always wanted to adapt for your fitness improvement.

Don’t mind their eyes.

Most gym-goers’ reasons for hesitating to get back and work out again can be because of the uncomfortable feeling of the eyes that they think are on them. But did you know that they’re more worried about their own thing, not even paying attention to you unless you ask for their help? At Greater Purpose, our coaching program enables and cheers people on to invest in health and fitness daily. This does not give room for judging eyes because the kind of community we foster – one that encourages, and promotes a healthy environment. Our favorite motto is, “Everyone cares a LOT about you, but no one cares what you are doing.” This simply means that we care about you, but no one cares if you are lifting 5 or 500lbs. 

Find a Great Coach

Coaches at Greater Purpose coach to the best of their ability without holding back. We love to correct, develop, encourage, and promote excellence in movement. We only offer high-quality coaching for all our members. If group classes aren’t your thing, we still have programs that would suit your personality, need, and budget. We offer private coaching with more personalized workouts and tailor-fit programs. If you work best in a smaller crowd with a one-on-one coaching session, this would be the best option for you. You will have a personal program and a cheerleader for all your success, plus a motivator for your failures, all rolled into one amazing coach! 

Baby Steps

Everything starts with taking that first action. The first step to getting into the Greater Purpose gym is a ten-minute phone call to assess your goals with homework to think of 3-5 reasons you want to take this first step towards health and fitness. And then, it just takes 10-20 seconds of courage to get through the door to get the ball rolling. Passing the doors, you will be greeted by one of our staff, and we will sit down to get info on what program works best for you that would work well with your lifestyle and budget. 

We acknowledge that change can indeed be difficult to adapt to. I’ve never met a person who said, “Yes, I really love change and doing super hard things all the time”. But as we know, change is the only constant in life. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth, courage, and strength start. Take that first step now and book a free intro with us HERE and start your journey to finding a gym community that will support you in your fitness journey. 

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