Nutrition and exercise are the secrets to longevity, yet we often put them last when deciding how to spend our time. Why do we put it off until we have a health problem or are sick of what we see when we look in the mirror?

Working with hundreds of people at our gym has shown that a good diet and regular exercise are the secrets to success. But how do we make sure it happens?

It is accountability. 


Relying on others to keep ourselves responsible is OK. Help is essential from the get-go. As we work to establish healthier routines, we could benefit from some positive reinforcement and moral support. Our gym offers a supportive community and a structure of responsibility for newcomers. When you meet a goal, we’ll let you know, give you a high five, and celebrate with you, and when you are close to reaching your goal, we’ll give you the extra push to get there! These are only some of the ways we take care of you on a practical level, but our efforts do not stop there.

The support of our membership community is also vital in maintaining our sense of responsibility. When you don’t show up to class, your friend who usually  works out next to you will notice, and one of us coaches will likely contact you to see how you’re doing. We make sure you know that  we haven’t forgotten about you, and we really do hope you’ll stick around.

Here’s the part that may sting a little: Our best efforts to ensure your accountability won’t be enough to guarantee success on your end. Daily progress toward your objectives is entirely dependent on your decision to do so. Despite our undying support and assistance, the program won’t be sustainable if you haven’t fully committed to it. A willingness to invest in the process is crucial. To go where you want to go, you must take the necessary steps and be willing to put in the necessary time, effort, and persistence.

How do we ensure that we don’t fall short of our expectations and that we have a plan to achieve our aims?

Here are some suggestions for keeping yourself accountable to your goals:


We’re here to provide a helping hand. This is what we do for a living! Your participation is crucial to fully experiencing the magic. Who wouldn’t want a community of individuals who share their values to support them as they achieve their goals?


Schedule your workouts like important meetings. And meals?  Instead of looking at the clock, realizing you don’t have time to prepare your nutritious dinner, and then reaching for something unhealthy out of convenience, set the alarm for when you need to begin doing so, and plan ahead! 


Tell your coach you will be in class. Having announced your plans publicly, you should feel obligated to see them through.


If you want to observe your progress, it might be helpful to keep a calendar and check mark the days that you go to the gym or follow your nutrition plan. The cumulative effect of your efforts will encourage you to keep going.


Get the word out by sharing your experience on your social media platform. There is value in being completely transparent. Making a promise in public will increase your likelihood of following through with it, even if no one checks in with you about it on social media. Additionally, you can be oblivious to your influence on others who are still on the fence. Seeing your success may inspire others to believe they are capable of the same.


To appreciate how far we’ve come helps to think back to the beginning. Since transformations are usually understated and unnoticeable to the naked eye (especially if you look at yourself in the mirror daily), we tend to get used to our existing appearances. By remembering where we were and how far we’ve come, we can assess how far we’ve come from day one.


Gym-fam isn’t just a fun hashtag. It’s a fairly legit and reliable way to ensure you keep up with your goals. Find someone who is in the same place as you, and who is committed to being there with you every step of the way! 


Constantly revisit your “why” to keep you motivated. Aiming for something is admirable, but it loses its significance if we can’t put our finger on why we want to do it. It’s important to examine your motivations for making health and fitness priorities. What kind of changes can you anticipate as a result? Just how will you feel, exactly? Visualization exercises are helpful but are not necessary. Think about yourself as you want to be in the future if you achieve your objectives. Once you have a strong “why,” keep it in mind daily so that it becomes a part of you.  Sit down with a coach for a Goal Review Session if you struggle to identify your “why.”


Don’t treat it as an either/or scenario. We’ve all heard the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and it holds true. We’re not just going to the store; this is a journey. Things will be going up and down. You will hit a few walls along the way. There will be skeptics, anxiety, and uncertainty. Don’t allow setbacks to derail your progress. There is never going to be a perfect moment to try this. Put aside your excuses; obstacles will always be in your path. However, how we deal with these challenges will determine how well we do in the future. Recognize their significance, express gratitude for the insight they provided, and move forward.


Accomplish little victories and give yourself little treats. Everyone enjoys winning something, right? Establish smaller, intermediate objectives on the route to your ultimate goal, and give yourself a treat when you achieve one. For instance, if your goal is to shed 30 pounds, you may reward yourself with a token of appreciation for every 5 pounds. Your incentives need not be monetary; instead, think about what you value and reward yourself with it. 

Finding a system that works for you to maintain accountability is essential. If you want to keep yourself enthused and motivated about your accomplishment, try some new approaches often. This will prove to be accurate in retrospect. We’re giving it our best shot, but there’s no guarantee that yesterday’s successes will yield the same results today. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments.

We are here to assist you on your journey toward better health and fitness. We’d love to meet with you for an intro and learn more about you, your life, and your objectives so that we can better assist you.