Your Health Fitness Lottery

The Health and Fitness Lottery

Sometimes you might wonder why you never hear us talking about the “perfect” diet or exercise program.

Why aren’t we telling you the magic secret? 

As I am sure you know, there just isn’t one. 

You see…  in order for us to provide a perfect nutrition or exercise program, we would need to assume that we are working with a perfectly balanced person. I have yet to find someone who is perfectly balanced in every aspect of their health and fitness. So we won’t sit here and tell you there is a one size fits all way of doing things.

So, do you want to know our real secret? 

Small positive habit changes, time, and consistency. 

This seems too simple, doesn’t it? 

Maybe that’s why we continue to search for the “next best thing.” It seems like it shouldn’t work. It does! If you are reading this and you know you have tried everything and it has yet to have provided you with sustainable lasting results, maybe it’s time you tried the simple approach. 

Action beats intention.

Instead of trying to overhaul all of your health and fitness in a short period of time, try starting small and giving yourself some grace, knowing that it is going to take some time.  We have seen this shift  work time and time again in our gym. It’s a simple mindset shift. Stop looking for the perfect program. Instead, search for a guide that can help keep you accountable on this lifelong journey of your health and fitness. 

You will continue to be bombarded by these quick fix ideas. Save yourself a lot of time and money by asking for some help from those that have helped people on this same journey you are on. No tricks or quick fixes here. We simply walk alongside you. Helping you develop sustainable positive habits that will equal to you reaching your goals in the long run. The better part? They will stay. Things that take time to develop also stay consistent in your life longer. Funny how most lottery winners quickly lose all their newly found wealth…. It needs to take time. Why? Because it is not simply about the prize at the end. It’s who you become and are becoming along the way. 

Your Health Fitness Lottery

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