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Motivation is a tricky thing that can seem like it vanishes within a moment. You can’t always pinpoint why it happened or where it went. You will however find it in different places as your life goes on.

When you figure the deep rooted reason why you do something, you will have an easier time finding motivation for achieving that thing.

Goals are amazing to get you excited about what you are doing – you are able to almost touch it and feel it. For example, think of wanting to run your first 5 km. There are thousands of template workouts that can get you there and usually within a couple of months. 

However, it’s not as easy to find a template program for your deep-rooted reason you want to be fit and healthy. Your why is usually very individually based and harder to formulate as something you know you actually want. It is really easy to say “I want to lose 30lbs.” Good. Simple enough. With the right coaching and the right program for you, you’ll get there. What isn’t as easy, is coming to the conclusion that you want to lose 30lbs because you want to be able to feel confident and capable throughout your whole life span, or because you want to be able to keep up with your grandkids, or hike with a 20lb backpack.

When times get hard, you need a deep-rooted reason as to why you do things. Think of a tree that develops roots over a long period of time. Those strong roots are the reason you do what you do. The deeper your why goes, the more unshakable you will be. Side bonus – you will actually smash all your goals. When you connect the deeper roots to who you are personally, you can then stay the course and enjoy the process and achievements along the way. Including the 30lb weight loss :).

The most mentally tough and unwavering people are the ones that have the strongest connection to why they do what they do. Attach yourself to that reason and you will find meaning and joy. Only setting goals without meaning behind them will eventually lead to that disappearing motivation we all have experienced one time or another. Root yourself deep in that soil.

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