Preparing For the Unknown

We won’t always know what we are training for until the unknown happens. The disciplines of today may not be of benefit to you for years down the road. For example, you may be working towards that muscle up in the gym and think that it only pertains to inside those gym doors. Then, perhaps one day, you get chased by a stray dog and need to jump over a fence, mimicking the muscle up movement. Now do you see the benefits of all that hard work?

Often we get caught up in wanting to see the fruits of our labor right now, not thinking that it will be needed for something bigger down the road. Stay patient. So, how can you begin to do things now that will better prepare you for the unknown of tomorrow? Here is a list of a few things you can do to prepare for the unexpected things life throws your way.

1) Cold Showers:

There have been so many studies on the health benefits of cold showers. One thing that it can provide you with is the ability to handle acute and chronic stress more efficiently. I can imagine that we have all been in a stressful situation and have begun to panic. What’s the one thing that we are usually told to do? BREATH. Although this may help a little at that moment, it can be challenging if we aren’t often exposed to that kind of stress. What if you had been in this same state before? Putting yourself in an environment that demands the same action as the previously stated example. By taking those cold showers, you are better preparing yourself for the unknowns of tomorrow and then being able to tap into that calmer state when the unexpected happens.

2) Exercise:

Start exercising. One way or another, start the habit of getting some physical activity. It doesn’t matter how small, start the habit. I would push you towards the CrossFit methodology; this will help you become more functionally fit and better prepared for the demands of life. Life doesn’t specialize in its needs on you. We are required to have some capacity to run, lift, and play. By developing your abilities in what our bodies were created to do, we will be more ready for what is asked of them. This takes time to develop, start now. If you want to start with us, come in for a Free Fitness Consultation

3) Rest:

We were created to have some rest in our lives. Prioritize it before it prioritizes you. You cannot expect to go at full throttle and not have side effects one day. You may not feel it in the here and now, but eventually, it will catch up to you.

What you do today has a direct impact on what you can face tomorrow. Celebrate the achievements you reach today but know that it could have a more significant role to play in the future.

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