Episode 45 | CrossFit 101

CWhen you walk into a CrossFit gym, you’ll notice a few things… there is hardly any equipment, and there are people of all shapes and sizes working out together. Hopefully people are smiling, sweating, and high fiving, or on occasion, taking a breather on the floor.  

Some people believe that CrossFit is only for competitive athletes, but that’s not the case. CrossFit can be adapted to any fitness level, and it’s designed to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. 

So what does CrossFit means? 

The actual definition of CrossFit, and its primary goal is to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. What the heck does that mean? Basically it’s asking you how good you can be at a bunch of different things. 

Gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural movement (running, rowing, etc), which are more commonly understood as cardio exercises. CrossFit is measurable; it can be an in-body scan, blood work from your physician, the weights you lift, or the BMI you have. It is also scalable – it means that the exercises and workouts can be adjusted to any fitness level, from beginner to expert. In fact, one of the things that makes CrossFit so popular is that it can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs. You’ll get better at the movements, maybe get a little less sore, get better at a particular skill, and challenge yourself more.

CrossFit is well-known for helping people get stronger, faster, and more generally fit. But what many people don’t realize is that CrossFit has a much larger goal than simply improving your physical fitness. It’s also about making you stronger mentally and emotionally. And it’s for this reason that CrossFit can be so transformative: it helps you become a better version of yourself in every way. Hence, Greater Purpose Health and Fitness was implemented in the gym because our gym believes that fitness is more than just a training method. We go beyond lifting weights and sweating… we want to help you be holistically as healthy as you possibly can be, and that means a lot more than just weights. That is why we offer nutrition, personal training, and mentorship to our clients. Mentorship in terms of mindset is essential because it doesn’t matter if you believe CrossFit is one of the best methodologies for getting fit quickly and becoming highly functional, if you don’t have the right mindset, even if you achieve the results you want, you won’t be able to sustain them in the long run.

CrossFit is about so much more than just looking good in a tank top or being able to do a handstand, it’s about becoming functionally fit and improving your overall health. Focusing on these goals will help you stick with CrossFit long-term and see the results this type of fitness can bring. There’s always something new and exciting to try and a community there to cheer you on while you do it!