An Interesting Couple of Weeks

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for all of us.

As we move into a new “normal” for the time being (yes, we know, nothing about it is normal), we’re all adjusting and learning how to deal with new schedules. Perhaps you’re working from home (or finding work for many who have lost their jobs due to the situation, sadly), balancing family and supply chain planning with some food and household items on back-order, etc.

All the while, I cannot put into words how proud we are of the Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition Community as a whole. Our team has been working their tails off to move everyone to Remote Coaching and ensure you don’t miss a beat on your fitness journey. In case you have missed it, we have been doing the following:

  • Making Videos
  • Personalizing every person’s workouts for their goals based on their specific equipment access, schedule, and movement needs
  • Making sure everyone is setup with TrueCoach
  • Making phone calls, texting, emailing
  • Doing everything we can to take care of you.

The CFC Community itself is setting up video calls with each other to work out together. They are also calling and checking in with each other as well as posting in the CFC Group Facebook Page to encourage and keep each other accountable. Basically, you all have just had an amazing attitude through everything.

One aspect of CrossFit and staying in shape that many don’t notice, is your mental fortitude. You’re strong. You have more grit than most and it shows. Instead of getting overwhelmed, all of you stepped up to the plate, took this challenge head on, and are making the most of it. It’s amazing.


Everyone is getting constant contact from their assigned Coach via TrueCoach and our Remote Coaching Platform.

Accountability has been amazing with Remote Coaching. We get to check in with you each day that you workout, make sure the workout is perfectly suited to your goals, and then follow up and make sure it went as planned.You’ll also be getting personalized recommendations outside of just the workouts. Don’t be surprised if we help you with your schedule, stress management, or even a little nutrition help. Our goal is to be there for you, however you need.

The Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition Facebook Group is a HUGE nexus of communication and interaction for us.

Please take advantage of it -if you aren’t in it yet, it’s worth making a private Facebook account and just joining the Athlete Community. Staying connected is important!

We’re doing a couple live Zoom events each week.

Periodic large Zoom workouts, virtual community coffee, games night, BINGO, and some other fun things in the works!

Rochelle has built a fully online Fit Kids Program!

If you have any kids stuck at home, or know people who want their kids to be active, this is a great way to help them have fun at home! The feedback has been great!

Zoom Classes
Power Kids


We have had a few people lose their jobs due to the Coronavirus. An idea that was brought up a little while ago was to have a GoFundMe page to help support those who are going through financial difficulties. So, we created one. Greater Purpose Health and Nutrition will match 15% of each donation and provide it to those who have had to step away from the gym due to financial situations.


We also highly recommend shopping at as many small businesses as you can.

Amazon, Walmart, Target etc have enough revenue and capital to weather these kinds of storms (for the most part), but there are many, many small businesses that are facing a difficult future during this. Even if it is a business that isn’t open or able to sell anything, please buy online gift cards to support them at this time. Feel free to post other small businesses you know of in the athlete community, we’d love to help support them.

For CFC, you can support us by sharing your experience with our Remote Coaching program with your friends. Since it’s 100% online, they can be in another province or even country and we’ll still be able to help them. If you know anyone struggling to stay on track at home, please send them our way.

All in all, we couldn’t be more thankful for you and the example that you set for your family, friends and community. Thank you for all you do and please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help you more.

– Matt and Deanna

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